A wide range of fasteners

Widest range on the market?

We can aquire anything from the smallest nut to the largest screw from every corner of the world, and fast.

A selection of our products:

Hexagon screw
with socket or exterior hexagon

Machine or sheet metal screws
with slot, cross or torx grip

Other screws
for wood and metal

with or without locking,assortments

Flat or locking washers
for screws, assortments, support and shin washers

Spring washers
curved or waved washers, assortments, disc springs and conical spring washers

Retaining rings and washers
for bores and shafts with or without groove, assortments, tools

spring and parallel pins in several designs, assortments

Clips and clamps
for tools and hoses, assortments, tools

Thread inserts
thread inserts free running or locking, assortments, tools

Assortment of screws, nuts and washers dimension M5-M12 in different lengths.

We sell many products packaged in assortment boxes with multiple dimensions in the same box.